IndieWeb Citizenship

Today I’m becoming a citizen of the IndieWeb. I’ve taken a few steps to assert ownership of my own slice of the internet.

  1. Purchased my own domain names ( and

  2. Set up web sign-in. Linking GitHub and my domain name with the rel=me microformat ensures that it’s easy to see that they’re both owned by the same person. The is especially important as this website is hosted on GitHub Pages.

<a href="" rel="me">GitHub</a>

  1. Added a an h-card to my header. An h-card can be thought of as the online equivalent of a business card – it contains similar information.
<div class="h-card  p-author  u-author  hidden" style="display: none">
  <img class="u-photo" src="" alt="">
  <p class="p-note">Spatial professional & hiker, based in <span class="p-region">Wellington</span>, <span class="p-country-name">New Zealand</span>.</p>
  <a href="" class="u-url  u-uid  p-name" rel="me">Gerhard Lanz</a>
  <a href="" rel="me" class="u-email"></a>