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Gerhard Lanz

Contact Me

For confidentional communication, send me a PGP-encrypted email. Download my Public Key or get it from the .nz OpenPGP KeyServer.
PGP Public Key ID: 0x25BEE40D35CA08ED


I’m Gerhard Lanz—a spatial professional with a creative streak. I believe in a world enriched by location information.

I have been working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a Geospatial Analyst since 2012. If I’m not sitting in a room lit only by glow of raster data, you can probably find me in the great outdoors.

This website is intentionally simple—it allows me to focus on what really matters. It is also GDPR complaint. This website does not use any tracking scripts, nor does it collect, use, or share any personal data.